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We all write songs about life, we just sing 'em different.
- Listener

Sunday, March 6, 2016


peaceful quiet is not at all peaceful or quiet for me now
my heart is aching in ways that make me

my head weighs so much more than I ever knew it could
and my heart weighs even more than that

i feel as if i've lost my soul


there is nothing left of me
there is no life within me

at least, none that i can feel now

This Is Where I Want You

you hold the key to my smile, you hold the hope from my heart
you protect it in an iron fist that no one can open, no one can break it
you keep me

I let you keep me safe

I need you to keep that tiny last fading ember of me


i will lose myself if you don't
i will separate from every place that makes me....me

i need you to take this from me because i can no longer keep it safe
i want to slice it into so many bloody withered pieces
that there is no pain left to feel

so take This,
protect This
       take me
                     protect me
because if you do not
i will choose to disappear

i have lain so much at your control and you don't even know what you have been asked to hold and protect.

but i have the truth in the darkness
I am safe in you

So I'm not going to explain every word I just wrote above - sometimes the language needs to just be in my opinion, but I wanted to share the inspiration a bit.
Mary Lambert - Sarasvati (1 Mic 1 Take)
I saw a beautiful piece of artwork on Instagram with a song lyric as it's inspiration
Which lead me to the song
And the need to write and express was so strong in me I really had no other choice but to write.  These moments don't happen as often as I want so I try to make sure I follow through when I hear/see/taste/feel anything that hits me directly in my soul.

"I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you"

In this moment that is my truth

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