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- Listener

Monday, May 1, 2017

Daddy's Girl

Laying here alone in our bed and I just want you here. Want is consumig me baby and I know I shouldn't, I know I'm supposed to save every bit of my pleasure for you only; but I am burning alive. I am wet and my nipples ache to be touched, and pinched, and licked. I know I'm lalone but I'm only thinking of you, only you. So I close my eyes and start to let go. 

Running one hand over my breasts, feeling my nipples harden. I suck on my fingers so they are ready to slide between my legs. Spreading my lips I start rubbing my clit. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and I want to feel your cock in me. I want to feel you fucking me so hard that my pussy is wrecked and even just thinking about your dick sliding into me again and again makes me arch my back and thrust my hips into my hand. 

I want you here so badly. I want to keep rubbing my clit and also feel your cock using my mouth like a cunt. My fingers move harder and faster, my clit is on fire and I want to cum. I want to feel this fire over all my skin, I want to let go and feel wave after wave of pleasure. So I think of you. I think of your cock sliding over my tongue. Tasting the salt of you as you fill my throat so I can't breathe. 

Finally, fuck yes, finally. My body takes over and heat flares up. My pussy is dripping and I cry out as I violently cum soaking the bed. 

Masturbation Monday

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